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Data Driven Boredom

Enlightenment of Mass Deception

21st century is defined by data. Articles, graphics, communication, media, businesses and many other things are data driven. Data driven works proliferate information in the public realm and work like a mirror for the society and help create knowledge. This happens when data is presented or represented in an artistic fashion. However, in the hands of the corporate, data is classified and constitutes a reference to marketing research, ‘consumer behavior research’ as they call it. Recently, culture industry also started making data driven decisions. With the advance of streaming and on-demand technologies, populistic endeavors of the supreme powers of culture industry narrowed down the focus of their analysis to an individual scale. As always, it was streaming media that led the research and as an avant-garde form of cultural and sensual analysis, online sites started gathering IP specific data at an individual scale and gave a related direction to their creations and productions. Soon after, dominant companies such as Netflix followed and most recently they have produced a TV show designed to custom-fit a certain community, consisting of existing customers of this on demand service.

This paper (in progress) concerns itself with the fact that the audience of the data age is doomed and trapped in their own appreciation of cultural aesthetics. Throughout the paper, the phenomenon of data driven cultural production is scrutinized with reference to Theodor Adorno’s seminal work, The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception as it is more than accurate in the 21st century.

customization, self reflection, boredom, culture industry, Theodor Adorno, culture industry, deception, consumer behavior research

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